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Portrait of Beyond

Portrait of Beyond is a Finnish progressive rock group combining   progressive rock and jazz, symphonic and psychedelic metal with even some pop and electronic touch.




  1. Answers without Questions [4.34]
  2. NADA / ZERO ≠ N0THING [7.27]
  3. Mnemosyne [7.32]
  4. Panopticon [6:04]


  • J. Koskenkorva – Bass
  • T. Lekander – Vocals
  • P. Manninen  Guitars
  • M. Myllykoski – Synthesizers
  • P. Nieminen – Synthesizer
  • S. Nykänen – Vocals
  • H. Roschier  – Violin
  • J. Soikkeli – Drums, Guitars


  • J. Kivelä – Accordion (Panopticon)
  • M. Loukola – Handpan (Answers without questions)

Recorded at Huutoniemi  by P. Manninen
Additional recordings by  by M.Myllykoski & M. Loukola

Mixed and mastered by P. Manninen

Release date: 6.6.2019

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1. Portrait of Beyond
2. Humanthinkingmachines
3. Seeking the Symmetry
4. First Drop
5. In My Dreams
6. The Cage


  • P. Manninen: Guitars, Soundscape design
  • P. Nieminen: Synths
  • J. Soikkeli: Drums, Guitars
  • J. Koskenkorva: Bass
  • H. Roschier: Violin

Vocals by: Timo  Lekander, Saila Nykänen, Simo Orpana & Riku Tarvonen

Also appearing on this recording:
Mikko Myllykoski: Grand piano, Harpsichord and rhodes on tracks 1,3,4
SakariAntila: Oboe  on track 3
Antti Jokinen: Guitar solo on tracks 1&2
Antti Heikinmäki: Piano & Hammond on tracks 1&2
Ilkka Castren: Percussion

Release date 4.4.2009

Recorded, mixed and mastered at CordYard Studio by P. Manninen
Additional recordings at studio Musica by Myllykoski and Manninen

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Obscure Passages

  1. Transition
  2. Dimension Shift
  3. Desert
  4. Enlightment
  5. No Escape

Obscure Passages was recorded during occasional periods of time between December 2000 and March 2002.

Recorded and mixed at CordYard Studio
By P. Manninen & P. Nieminen

Vocals performed by Jukka Järvinen & Elsi Nousiainen

Obscure Passages (2002) is the concluding part of our Universe Trilogy: Questions asked in Universal Destiny (1998) and Journey (2000) get answered and consequences are pondered. This is yet another CDR that comes with lyrics and an illustrated cover.


1. Stargazer
2. Dominant
3. Wasteland

Recorded and mixed at CordYard Studio, 1999
By P. Manninen & P. Nieminen

Special appearance on Stargazer : J. Saajanaho

* Dominant is also previously released on SickLife Inc’s Diabolical Torture Vol 3.

Universal Destiny

1. Path
2. Trapped to be
3. Cosmos
4. Roulette of worlds

Recorded and mixed at CordYard Studio, 1997
By P. Nieminen & P. Manninen

Path is also released on SickLife Inc’s Diabolical torture vol II